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Carlos Villar Fresco (1981) studied in the Hotel Industry Institute of Galicia. He also studied restaurant business management in Barcelona and pastry making in the renowned Espaisucre Academy. He enrolled for one year in the market of A Coruña. There relies the origin of his extraordinary knowledge of the characteristics and qualities of the sea food products.
He has worked in the best restaurants and hotels of Spain and abroad, like the Grosvenor Torquay and Gloster House of London; or the Vincci hotels network, where he worked at various establishments and with different responsibility roles. In 2007 he started his training with significant figures like Carles Tejedor, Vía Veneto* (Barcelona); Santi Santamaría, Evo* (Barcelona); Mercé Navarro, Roig Robí (Barcelona); and Flo Brasserie, which was considered the best French restaurant in Barcelona. Back to Galicia he proved his skills as chief of the patisserie at the legendary Casa Marcelo*, endorsed by Marcelo Tejedor himself.

In 2010 he spent a year in the Dominican Republic as chief cook of the Catolonia Royal Bávaro Hotel.

In 2012, being chief cook of La Postrería (A Coruña), during a holiday in the south of Tenerife, he fell in love with his wife: the catalonian Silvia Aguilera. He decided to stay. In the island he started working at several restaurants till he opened La Posada del Pez in 2012, in San Andrés (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). Nowadays it is Bib Gourmand in the Michelin Red Guide and owns a Repsol Sun.

Since November 2017, he is also the owner and director of Abikore, for which he has signed the Japanese-Peruvian chef Tadashi Tagami, who won a Michelin Star in 2014.




Tadashi belongs to the second generation of a Japanese family of Peru. His paternal grandparents are Japanese and his mother is Peruvian. The gastronomic mix is perfect.
He was born in Lima in 1991, inside the social and cultural environment of the Japanese community. His paternal family was bound to the restaurant business through several business. Tadashi discovered there the culinary universe, to which he added what he learned from his maternal grandmother. She cooked for the big events of her community (weddings, baptisms, etc.), offering a homemade Peruvian cuisine. With this background he studied cuisine at the Gastronomic Institute D’Gallia (Lima), which is the leader academy at the Peruvian culinary market.

Early trained in a Japanese restaurant, while he was finishing secondary education, Tadashi specialized in the processing of fish and seafood and sauces. Therefrom comes his great knowledge of the species and its basic elaboration. After a year he started working at the counter, where he learned the subtle techniques of fish cutting and sophisticated composition elaboration.

After working at the JW Marriot and the Sheraton Hotels of Lima when he was 20 years old, the Canarian entrepreneur Fran Relea hired him for his Kazan project. There he worked from 2012 to 2013, year in which he left for Italy to make an internship and an Italian cuisine six-month course at the famous restaurant Le Calandre ***, with the notorious Massimiliano Alajmo. After that he came back to Kazan, where he stayed till August 2016. Meanwhile he travelled to Japan to make a stage at the restaurant Nihonryori Ryugin ***, with the highly-famous Seiji Yamamoto. There he perfected the advanced Japanese language, which he wanted to stamp to his creativity. In 2014 came the Michelin Star.

In 2017, willing to change his routine, Tadashi met Carlos Villar, talented chef and successful entrepreneur thanks to his high product and excellent service formula in La Posada del Pez. The chemistry between Tadashi, Carlos and Silvia (head waiter) appeared immediately. And the magic was born.

Since that moment, Tadashi joined the team of La Posada del Pez and started working on the flavours and aromas of a dream that became true: Abikore.

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Formulario de Reserva

Si quiere reservar llámenos a nuestro teléfono, 660653414 .